Frequently Asked Questions

What are Girlz Nailz nail wraps?

Girlz Nailz nail wraps are a new and innovative nail art product for the independent girl.  They are made from specialised plastic, perfectly engineered to fit the contours of your nails.  Girlz Nailz come in a variety of printed designs from animal skins to metallic prints.

Nail wraps have had much exposure recently with showbiz starts such as Lady Gaga and Beyonce sporting them during recent performances.

Will my nail wraps last longer than nail varnish?


Nail wraps do not chip like nail polish.  There is no drying time, no smudging and absolutely no danger of knocking over your nail polish over the carpet!

Girlz Nailz nail wraps last approximately a week on finger nails and 2-3 weeks on toe nails.

Can I apply my own Girlz Nailz wraps?

We recommend that you visit your local nail professional to apply your Girlz Nailz wraps in the correct manner.  Nail technicians have years of experience and training and will ensure your Girlz Nailz wraps are perfectly applied.

However, it is not uncommon for our customers to self-apply our wraps with stunning results.

Surely my nail wraps will come off if I go swimming?

No.  Not at all.

Girlz Nailz nail wraps have been developed using water repellent soft plastics and specialised adhesives that are unaffected by water contact.  This means the nail wraps will continue to bond to the nail even when under water.  Whether in the bath or at your local swimming pool, your Girlz Nailz wraps will not come off (poorer quality nail wraps on the market DO come off with water contact).

Are your nail wraps like the cheap ones from Asia?

No.  Not at all.

Girlz Nailz nail wraps are made in the United Kindgom under strict manufacturing conditions.  Our nail wraps are made from the highest quality pvc vinyls on the market and are designed to fit the contour of your nails.

These nail wraps are nothing like the cheap imitations coming from China and the rest of Asia.  They are of Minx quality and far superior to many nail wraps  existing in the UK market.

Why do I see 'Edge Dream Media Ltd' in the checkout during the Paypal payment process?

Girlz Nailz is a business within EDM Group, and owned by Edge Dream Media Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales.  Co. No. 6618823.