"Saving the world from mediocre nail wraps- one nail at a time"

Girlz Nailz - The Premium Brand for nail wraps

Welcome to Girlz Nailz - a British beauty company offering premium quality nail foils and wraps at affordable prices.

Girlz Nailz supply direct to nail technicians and beauty salons.  Full support, training and advice is provided to our customers on how to apply our premium nail wraps.

Our company has been manufacturing nail wraps for many years.  We were the original manufacturer behind several well know brands in the UK, before launching our own "Minx Quality" brand, Girlz Nailz.

Girlz Nailz wraps are the highest quality foils on the market, designed to stay on your nails for much longer than the average wrap.  If carefully applied our wraps stay on the fingers for up to 1 week, and on toes for up to 3 weeks.